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tv   11 News Today  NBC  May 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> one person shot and another person stabbed in a possible home invasion. i will have a live report. >> the nation pauses to honor those who served. it will cover the moral day sir moral day observances -- memorial day observances. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i am lisa robinson.
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>> i am stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> you can see the humidity in the air. we're starting off pretty mild. 73 degrees already at ocean city. dew points already into the 60's. i think a lot of people like to think of humidity as a percentage. dew point is a direct measure of that moisture. we will combine that with the temperature and it will be steamy today. 90's.80's to low manny a possible isolated shower today. better chances for rain in the seven-day forecast. details are coming up.
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>> baltimore county police are searching for a pair of suspects who broke into a dundalk home and shot two people inside. >> nadia ramdass joins us live in towson with more. >> police do not have too much information on the suspects other than that a confrontation took place. this happened on sunday morning in a home in dundalk. there's still a lot of unanswered questions. both victims are still recovering in the hospital. baltimore county police say a man has critical injuries after he was shot, while a woman was stabbed. her injuries are not life- threatening. police suspect the intruders entered by the back of the home. then a confrontation took place before the shooting and stabbing.
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people living nearby say situations like this are rare in this neighborhood. >> my sister lives on this street. it is unfortunate. around this area, you do have to watch here and there. the kids love to come out and play and have a good time. it is tough win so badly this happens. >> anyone with information is urged to call it baltimore county police department. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. one man is dead white woman recovers after a boy friend attacked her and held her captive. the into happened on sunday afternoon on fenwick avenue. there was a standoff and the boyfriend reportedly turned the gun on himself. five people are recovering after being exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
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fire crews for on the scene just before 9:30 on sunday night. three adults and to deal will children were transported for evaluation. >> police look for three men who walked away from a halfway house. these are the people that you see on your screen. all three were serving senses for drug distribution when some of the man is to walk out the door. anybody with information is asked to call police. no word of low-cost and our feet to go up in flames. -- no word of what cost and are an rv to go up in flames. >> police have more than their share of boating accidents and
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rescues. a boater when missing in the chesapeake bay after going for a swim. police say one man jumped off the boat and went under the surface but did not reappear. a search is underway for a missing boater. the boat struck a concrete jetty sending three people into the water. a pennsylvania man and his son are elected to be alive after their sailboat caught fire. .he boat's engine stopped the engine exploded. they were rescued by a passing vessel but the boat was a complete loss. >> martin o'malley took to the
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airwaves in defense of president obama's record. >> there are two things that obama has to recommend himself for the high office of president. one is his record with bain capital. he returned profits to a narrow few. the second one is his experience in the public sector when he was governor of massachusetts. >> the governor was tapped to speak for the president. the holiday provides a chance for the candidates to reach out for a key group of voters. mitt romney is spending the holiday with john mccain, who
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lost the 2008 election. >> this weekend is about honoring our veterans. for a group of veterans, their travels took them to plan bernie. >> they arrived by bus after visiting memorials designed and created for them. ranging in age from 85 to 101, on the tour of honor, this group of world war ii veterans traveled from bakersfield, california. >> bakersfield, california, where the sun shines but the love never dies. >> lunchtime was say it stopped him at ritchie highway>> they had a complementary feast. >> this is a way for us to say
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thank you and to give back. we believe that they are american heroes. >> the veterans were transported free of charge to visit the memorials. no small feat for this particular group. >> i give them a lot of credit, to travel all that distance to come to the east coast. they are not young fellows. they look pretty good. i'm pretty happy to see them. >> everybody has a story. you could not tell them all. there are not enough hours in the day. >> their stories may include history book battles. their service came as young as the day they first signed up. even at 101. >> glad to be here. i would go in a minute if i had to. >> they have transported more than 81,000 veterans free of charge from all over the country. that brings us to our water
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cooler question of the day. share your memorial day message with an individual or a general tribute. you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to 6:10. 66 degrees on tv hill. >> people had to florida beaches only to have mother nature and make other plans for them. the show does not go on for lady gaga. >> we'll talk about tropical >> we'll talk about tropical storm
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:13. 73 degrees downtown at the maryland science center. the sun is shining and the waflights are waving in a light breeze. hardly a cloud in the sky. the radar is hardly picking up on anything.
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that could change throughout the day. a slight chance for rain on this holiday. there is a stationary boundary up to the north. the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm. anything that comes down to the south will be pretty spotty. hot weather pushing into the east. today is likely to be the hottest day we have seen so far this season. a cold front is pushing in from the midwest will bring our temperatures down by the midway. we're keeping our eye on tropical storm beryl. most of the day should be dry. partly cloudy into the afternoon. made a nepos in the mountains. we cannot rule out an isolated shower or storm. a heat advisory in effect from baltimore all the way down to northern virginia -- mid 80's in
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the mountains. ocean city will be much cooler. 80's tomorrow with a slight chance for a thunderstorm. we're keeping an eye on beryl. that could impact ocean city by the end of the week. there is a look at barreeryl. she will track the pekoes for the next couple of days. the big concern is the rep currents in ocean city. you could feel recurrence into the middle of the week. rain chances on tuesday and wednesday and on friday and saturday. >> holiday vacation plans have been ruined in the southeast thanks to a tropical storm beryl. beryl prove to be too strong for many.
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160 people were rescued in florida. it is expected to bring to all villages of rain to some areas -- it is expected to bring 12 inches of rain to some areas. there was an explosion in wisconsin on saturday. two homes on either side also caught fire. investigators are focusing on the basement as a possible cause for the explosion. two american men are being questioned in tokyo over the death of an exchange students. she may been strangled. the americans were arrested for allegedly raping the americans friend.
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the men are receiving assistance from the consular. >> a new invention could crack the continent conundrum. it really cut the mustard or the ketchup or the mayonnaise. at reducesating the reaso the tension inside the bottle. the investors say it is non- toxic in may from edible materials and approved by the fda. when it comes to a desert -- can we go back here? las vegas is under water.
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more than a third of homeowners owe more than the home is work. 71% of mortgage holders owed more than what their home is worth. 10% or 90 days late or more on their payments. ellen braitman has this morning's bloomberg business report. >> good morning. markets are closed today in observance of the memorial day holiday. it will be a big week ahead for the markets and the economy. we get a read on cnsumer confidence tomorrow. there have been lower gas prices. very key. consumer spending accounts for more than 2/3 of the economy. end, a look at the job market.
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analysts expect 150,000 new jobs were created in may. o you love having stakeak cannot justify the higher prices? several new cuts are being introduced that are cheaper than premium cuts. food prices have surged. travelers on a weekend getaway prices at the pump. that is what america's find most stressful about hitting the road. this may offer some solace. oil prices have been heading lower. on friday, crude closed below $91 a barrel. safe travels and happy memorial day. at the new york stock exchange, i'm ellen braitman with the bloomberg business report. >> protests have forced lady
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gaga to cancel a concert next month. management canceled the concert because of personal security concerns. radical groups protested the show. "the avengers" was knocked from its top perch. in block 3" came in first. "the avengers" has made more than half a billion dollars. >> wow. you saw them all.
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>> i thought it was good. could it be three in a row for "the avengers"? >> no. adam jones began in the all-star treatment from the club. more on his big payday. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. share your memorial day message with an individual or a general tribute. you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to i am jay stokes. have a great memorial day weekend, baltimore and frostburg.
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>> good morning. a very mild start to the day. 73 degrees at the downtown area. 67 at the airport. that warm spot on the map, 77 along the lower part of maryland. 73 right now in ocean city. the dew points are in the 60's
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and low 70's. it will be another hot and humid day. a would not be surprised of downtown we got into the low 90's. 80 degrees in ocean city. most of today will be dry. keith mills has sports. >> thank you. good morning. memorial day for the orioles means a trip to toronto, canada as they begin a road trip against three in the american league east. these it is impressed with all this. 4-2, the birds louis to kansas city. a record contract extension to adam jones -- the birds lose to can the city. nick markakis with a shot to left center field. it comes up nothing.
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j.j. hardy is rolling. he rounds third and scores. 1-1. here is a clutch hit. xavier avery. robert andino scores. the orioles were not good with runners in scoring position. this is a two-run home run. that was about 6 inches outside. three.pire says strike for nick markakis keeps his cool. adam jones signed a new contract extension. pete gilbert has more on the record-setting day.
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>> adam jones always have the talent and charisma. he now has a record payday. >> i know i'll be here in baltimore. we have to prove to the fans that we are for real and we are slowly doing it. i think this is a big step in the right direction. i sit here in camden yards and i didn't see myself wearing doesn't uniform that have orioles across the chest. this is our championship. i'm not part of somebody else's championship. >> fans overwhelmingly supports the move. >> i think it is great for the city and for the team.
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we need a franchise player. >> we are committed to this player and to putting a winning team on the field and for providing hope to rebuilding our fan base. >> i'm not from baltimore but this is now my town. >> a major commitment from the orioles. hats off to adam. >> that is all good for us . >> yes, i tis. >> happy memorial day. some good news for city commuters when you return to work tomorrow. >> one person stabbed and another person shot and police are looking for answers. that story in a live report. >> remembering the beginning
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody.
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welcome back to 11 news today. i am stan stovall. >> i am lisa robinson. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it will be another toasty one. 90 yesterday at the inner harbor. the average is 77. we're at 68 as the low yesterday. we're heading for highs in the upper 80's to low and many's. the downtown area is said to be the hottest -- upper 80's to low 90's. most of your day is dry. the seven-day forecast could be different. >> a quiet dundalk neighborhood is on edge after a couple is shot and stabbed. >> nadia ramdass joins us live with the latest on this.
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>> we know the victims are boyfriend and girlfriend. police do not have too much information on the suspect other than a confrontation took place before the shooting and stabbing. this man's family has lived here since the mid 1950's, and he is surprised that his neighbors were recently shot and stabbed. >> it is unusual for something like that to happen in the neighborhood. unfortunately. >> police say the shooting and stabbing took place inside of this home on sunday morning. >> officers arrived and found two victims. an adult male was suffering from at gunshot wound and an adult female was suffering from a stabbing. >> the man was airlifted to the hospital with critical injuries while the woman was rushed to the hospital. police say her injuries are not life-threatening.
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the case remains under investigation and there are more questions than answers as the victims recover from their injuries. despite the recent crime, he says he is not worried for is safety. >> two, three baltimore county policemen up there. we're pretty well protected. >> anyone with information about this case is urged to call the baltimore county police department. we're live in baltimore county this morning, nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> four maryland man are facing criminal charges after allegedly selling drugs to some on the cover police officers. they explained how to use the objects to get high. more than 500 bags of suspected marijuana was seized along with a computer.
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a surprise for a baltimore city police after pulling in men over after driving down the wrong side of the road. he was a victim of gunfire. lanell ausby was found to be suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he told police he had been shot several blocks away but did not know who shot him. he died a few hours later. >> the driver crashed into the back of the baltimore city police car has been convicted of the three traffic offenses. robert vanderford had three points put on is licensed and ordered to perform 250 hours of community service for the incident last june. the officer has undergone several surgeries and rehab.
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great news for drivers who grew to the city on the j.f.x. the road work and the closures are done. the emergency repairs have been completed weeks ahead of schedule. portions of the highway had been closed since mid april. >> president obama joins others in honoring the military. washington remembers the beginning of a war in what appears to be the end of another. tracie potts has more from washington. >> rolling thunder invades washington. hundreds of thousands of bikers remembering their fallen colleagues from vietnam. >> this is the best way to honor their memory. >> 50 years later, they also mourn those lost and captured in afghanistan. one man has been a pow for
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three years. >> you have not been forgotten. so help me god, you will come home. we will not leave you behind. >> thunderstorms cut short the memorial day concert. featuring an "american idol" finalist. today there are flags on every grave at arlington cemetery. president obama will visit the vietnam memorial. >> it is not enough to remember them just on memorial day. >> pullout continues to draw criticism. >> the entire region is withdrawing. they have to live in the neighborhood and they are making the accommodations and that is not good for america. >> john mccain joins mitt romney today. both candidates are vying for support from military families.
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mitt romney has an eight-point edge among military voters. another poll shows president obama leading with a lot of those voters in a battleground states. from washington, on tracie potts, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. beryl.eeping an eye on tropical storms with winds at 50 miles per hour. she is moving up the east coast. there could be recurrence in ocean city. she is expected to stay on offshore. ocean city will have a high of 80 degrees. closer to 90 around baltimore. ocean city should be dry. rain on tuesday and wednesday.
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we cool to the 70's midweek. we'll take a closer look at beryl when we come back in just a few minutes in. >> 66 degrees on tv hill. talk about art imitating life. take a close look at these statues. >> one of them looks like somebody we know. we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. this morning we're asking you to share your memorial day message with an individual or a general tribute. you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to but first a message from a local hero. >> this is major michelle carter. i like to say happy memorial day to all my friends in baltimore. a special hollow to my bab
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>> 75 years ago today, the gold and jade opened up to traffic -- the golden gate bridge. it paid a backdrop for a fantastic fireworks display.
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they honor the people who walked across the golden gate bridge when the first opened in 1937. they gathered to share stories and said what was like to cross the engineering marvel. >> 60 artists turned himself into living statues. there are some special guests this year, including the winner from the world statute festival. these are realistic. the were wearing elaborate makeup and costumes. the recreated scenes. motion is allowed for a short movements and this is part of the act. made you blink. 6:42. we'll look to be headlines when
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we come back -- we will look at the headlines when we come back. >> we have a heat advisory. 67 at the airport. 73 at the inner
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. 6:45. five people are recovering after being exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. there were transported to the university of maryland and no word this morning on their
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condition. because court will resume -- the coast guard will resume two searches for boaters. a boat and struck a jetty. two people were taken to shock trauma. a man went missing after a swim in kent county. a boyfriend reportedly attacked a girl and held her captive. the incident happened at a home late sunday afternoon on fenwick avenue. the suspect reportedly turned the gun on himself after a standoff. the woman is being treated this morning at shock trauma. >> they were the unseen heroes of world war ii, irking undercover. sally kidd has the story of one
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spy. >> i could not see why girls could help fight the war. >> she had dreams of becoming a navy pilot. she decided to become an intelligence operative instead, a spy. >> it was kind of a challenge. >> she was stationed in italy and she worked in thought intelligence. >> you put them together like that. >> she gathered intelligence on movemoent. >> we were trying to knock the germans out. that cinched it. >> should move into a retire
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community outside of the nation's capital. it was years she'd met her next- door neighbor betty. -- it was here as she met her next neighbor betty. learned her friend had also been a spy. >> that is you. >> betty worked undercover for the oss. she used tools of psychological warfare to deceive the enemy. she delivered a bomb disguised as a piece of coal one mission. >> that was used to blow up a japanese ship. >> they never knew one another until now. >> there are not too many oss
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people around anymore. >> but they have each other, two women who led extraordinary lives filled with danger and intrigue. after the war, they both went to work for the cia, that is something that they will not talk about, not even with each other. in washington, i am selling a kally kidd. >> good morning. we're seeing mostly clear skies in just a few clouds to the north and east of baltimore. a few areas macy's some dense dense fog. we have a stationary front to the north.
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this will contain to allow the warmth and humidity to come in from the south. it may help trigger a shower or thunderstorm. most of the activity will be north of us. hazy, hot, and humid conditions in the southeast. this cold front will push into the east and drop down the temperatures significantly by the end of the week. 67 at the airport. 73 downtown at the inner harbor. that is one of the more humid spots. it has worn down along the ocean in ocean city, 73. we will combine the heat and humidity and it will feel hotter this afternoon. low 70's in southern maryland. it makes our bodies feel hotter when you add that humidity.
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temperatures could feel like the mid 90's. we expect a high near 90 degrees in baltimore. a shower or thunderstorm is possible. i think you will spend most of the day dry. not a bad day in ocean city. may be an isolated thunderstorm in ocean city tomorrow. this is a tropical storm beryl. she is going to track up the coast and move offshore of the mid atlantic. these next couple days, ocean city may have to worry about rip currents. a better chance for storms tomorrow afternoon. we could see another passing storm on friday or saturday. >> time now for a last look at one of our big stories.
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and man and woman rushed to the hospital after a home invasion in dundalk. nadia ramdass joins us with more on the story. how are the victims doing this morning? >> they are still recovering from their injuries. at this time, police do not have too much information on the suspects other than that a confrontation took place. this happened on sunday morning in a home in dundalk. there's still a lot of unanswered questions. both victims are still recovering in the hospital. baltimore county police say a man has critical injuries after he was shot, while a woman was stabbed. fortunately, her injuries are not life-threatening. police suspect the intruders entered by the back of the home. then a confrontation took place before the shooting and stabbing. people living nearby say situations like this are rare in this neighborhood. anyone with information is urged to call it baltimore
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county police department. we are live in baltimore county this morning. nadia ramdass, wbal-tv 11 news. >> good morning. coming up, it will be a wet one for millions of people in the south. there could be a foot of rain in some areas. new information in the search for an arizona girl. footprints found in and around the girl's home. then justin bieber is being investigated for possible battery after analyst altercation with a photographer. we're gearing up for a holiday concert from bobby brown when we get started on a monday morning.
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>> 6:54. >> still ahead, some answers to our water cooler question of the day and a last look at the holiday forecast. stay with us
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>> we will post more of your answers on the front page of our website, list so people do remember what it is all about-- let's hope people do remember what it is all about. >> i think most of the day will be dry. we will cool down by the end of the week. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a great day.
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